Best Neighborhoods for Retirement in Los Angeles

There are so many places in Los Angeles that is ideal for retirement. The great weather condition all year round is probably the best reason to stay in LA during your golden years. However, since the city is sprawling with tourist most of the time, it might be hard for senior citizens to combat traffic and the stress of city living. 

If this bothers you, you don’t need to go to other places to retire. There are excellent retirement neighborhoods in the suburb that is peaceful and well-facilitated. Within the confines of these great neighborhood and exclusive villages, you can enjoy well-maintained facilities, chic homes and friendly communities. Here are some of the best neigborhoods for retirement in Los Angeles.

1.    Beverly Park: This wealthy and exclusive neighborhood is known for large houses and home for many celebrities. The North Beverly Park has 64 large houses while South Beverly Park only has 16 houses. The community is gated and overlooking the city below. On an average, each house is worth $24 million and measures 20,000 square feet. The houses are designed by celebrity architects like William Hablinsky and Richard Landry. 

2.   The Manhattan Beach Hill: Probably the most beautiful estate built on hills; these aesthetically mesmerizing residences enjoy a mild Mediterranean-type temperature all year. Even if it gets hotter in most parts of Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach enjoys relatively comfortable temperature. The area is located few miles from LA airport, and commuting to the city’s main commercial districts is not a problem. If you are a sports fan retiree, it is interesting for you to know that training centers of LA Kings, LA Lakers and Clippers are just nearby. The beach is accessible by foot and most shops and restaurants in Manhattan Beach are also in proximity. Going to the shops and restaurants at night and on weekend is a good way to meet and chat with your neighbors. 

3.    Beverly Hills: Once a Spanish ranch full of lima beans, it was developed in a town in 1914. Today, it is one of the most popular (a huge credit to a TV program with the same title) and one of the most luxurious villages in Los Angeles. There are many reasons to fall in love with this village. The place has inspired many artists who rose to celebrity status- Custis Stone, Rachel Zoe, Kelly Weastler, among others. Each restaurant is manned by celebrity chefs creating sumptuous trademark dishes. The entire neighborhood is filled with inspiring storie  of famous people who once lived and still living in Beverly Hills. 

Retiring in Los Angeles can be the most fun and peaceful stage in your life. These neighborhoods maintain high standards of privacy, luxury and communal living, perfect for relaxed senior years.